Omega Impianti S.r.l.


Omega Impianti S.r.l. born in 1991 like company specialized in the planning and installation of technological systems. Already from the first steps, the Company is characterized for the development of two lines of service: the applications of the systems in Naval field and the branch of the Civil Engineering.
In this last branch the Company has distinguished the own performances between Public Agencies and Private Customers.
In virtue of a experience matured in the time to compare with the most disparate requirements and problematic, Omega Impianti is in a position to make an executive planning of the systems that to make account of all type necessities functionally and of the installation, optimizing the engineering aspect with the shrewd choices from the economic point of view. About the installation: the Company distinguish oneself for the maximum flexibility and availabilities that, associated to of the always adapted resources, allow to meet the different and numerous requirements of the customer.
The Company puts into practice a political relative to the safety on the job places much careful, with periodic distribution of DPI and in conformity with the regulations in force about the general and specific matter for the systems.
The Company is characterized for a continuous modernization of the one′s own services through formation and assiduous exploration of new technologies, considers moreover the time a essential competitive factor; that has contributed to record an always increasing turnover from the day of the one′s own foundation.
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